Policies and practices to prevent and manage workplace bullying & harassment risks

Singapore | 30 January 2018

This workshop will help you with management of workplace bullying and harassment – a  complicated matter for any manager, supervisor, or HR professional.
With increasing numbers of workers in Singapore believing that they have been bullied at work, it is essential for you to stay on top of changing standards to prevent workplace bullying and harassment occurrences.
Both senior management and HR professionals need to take on crucial roles in responding adequately to any complaints as well as developing practical strategies to handle claims and effectively resolve conflicts.
The Workplace Bullying and Harassment Masterclass is a skills-based workshop which will cover critical insights on risk reduction, preventing workplace bullying/harassment occurrences, and what to do if allegations are made. 


 You and your organisation will benefit from:
  • Expert advice on defining bullying/harassment, and how the behaviour can be
  • recognised
  • Practical steps to mitigate risks and prevent bullying and harassment
  • occurrences
  • Best practice strategies for managing claims and complaints
  • Guided steps for avoiding and managing common mistakes, from grievance
  • handling procedures to fostering an anti-bullying workplace culture
  • Essential insights on designing policies, aligned with TAFEP principles
  • Reducing your legal risks


Why attend:

Workplace bullying and harassment is a risk to both employees and businesses. Costly litigation, losses in productivity, reduced employee engagement, reputational damage, and labour turnover are highly consequential.

Despite the introduction of anti-harassment laws in Singapore, there is limited scope for protection, and employers are easily at risk of being held accountable for any mismanagement of potentially hostile workplace behaviour.
It is imperative that HR professionals and people managers proactively prevent and manage workplace bullying and harassment. Attend this masterclass to assist in implementing solid policies and practices to prevent and respond to effectively to bullying situations. 

Who Attends?

  • HR directors, managers, general managers
  • Organisational Development managers
  • Heads of People & Culture
  • Performance & Reward professionals
  • Workplace / Employee Relations managers
  • In-house Counsel
  • Divisional and departmental heads
  • HR Advisors & Business Partners

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